Navigating through the Albums

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Using a web browser is pretty easy.  Basically, we're just looking for things to click on.  Concern yourself with items in the main window rather than the many items in the menu area.  The main window has all the pictures and text - those things you are here for.  Click on the picture below to see what I mean (after getting the enlargement just click on the "BACK" button to return here - see below for details).


Navigation Buttons
The things to look for are the forward and backward navigation buttons.  These take you forward and backward as you are viewing. At first these buttons are "greyed out."  In Internet Explorer they look like this -   

When one or more buttons are "grey" you know that you just haven't "been there" yet.  Once you've visited a page or two and can go back and forth, the buttons will change. For example,  These are from Netscape and show that you have been forward/backward.  

The next important step is to know what the pictures do.  Most web pages (and that's what these essentially are) use something called "thumbnails."  Thumbnails are small reproductions of the original pictures, made small so to fit on the screen. If the thumbnails extend below the bottom of the window, click on "down" arrow on the lower right hand side of the window to pan the window down.   To see an enlargement just click on the thumbnail.  The little picture changes to it's original size.   To return to the previous page just click "BACK" as discussed above.  (This is what was done in the top picture - hope you tried it out!)

Hypertext Links

Once you've checked out the pictures, have a look at the text in the main window.  Any text that is underlined is called a "hypertext link."  These underlined words are links to other places in the file such as more pictures, instructions, help, etc.   Click on them as much as you want - you can't break them!  Remember to use the backward/forward buttons to get back to where you were (if you want to that is).

Running the CD again once you've closed the browser
Once you've closed the browser window, to start the CD again you have double-click on "My Computer" on your desktop. 

This opens up "My Computer" to show you the various drives in your computer.  Just double click on the one that has the cdrom in it.  Mine has two CD's this and looks like this. 
  When you double-click on the CDrom, the "autorun" screen will start again.

Navigating the Albums
Besides using the Previous and Next Page hypertext links and the forward/backward buttons there is another way to navigate the CD.  Just click on the "table of contents" hypertext link and it will take you to a page that gives you the ability to manuver through the album.

Using the Table of Contents, you can click on one of the starting links, or one of the individual page links.  The individual page links increment every couple pages to make it more convienient to "jump" through the albums. 

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