Rocket Road Trip #1
Objective: MudRock 11.0 - Black Rock Desert &
Level 1 High Power Certification





Part 1  (Click pictures for larger view)
On the road to Black Rock


Still in California on Highway 80




The altitude of the mountains proves to be a good place to test the GPS. It lights up with almost every satellite contributing to the cause of navigation! :)

The mountains soon give way to the high desert above Reno Nevada.



1 hour from Black Rock we take a
quick look at Pyramid Lake.


Leaving edge of Pyramid Lake.


More High Desert.



More desolate beauty. I think I enjoy the trip as much as the destination.


Some rock formations where so cool I had to stop and take a picture.


From beauty to the bizarre. Note the sign into the town of Empire. This picture is actually the entire town. We are 30 minutes from Black Rock.


Just outside of Empire Highway 34 skirts the Black Rock desert. Clouds above cast their shadows on the playa.



On the dry lake bed (playa) at last!





Destination: Mudrock 11.0

Approximately 250 miles from Sacto.




Part 2  (Click pictures for larger view)
At Mudrock 11.0 in the Black Rock Desert



Not everyone arrives by car or RV. One of three small planes at Mudrock 11.0


East of Firing line.


West of Firing line.



The RSO (Range Safety Officer) Table. Here  rockets are verified to be flight worthy and that proper construction techniques have been used and a proper motor has been selected.



The launch pads. There where 27 in all. Note the Warning sign on the firing line!





Eric is quick to learn the ropes and get his rocket approved for launch.




Eric does all the prep work. He is becoming a pro!




Movie Clip: Eric Launches. (This is actually his 3rd or fourth launch of the morning.)




Eric behind the car line, recovering his rocket after a successful launch.


Eric and I watch a few launches before getting the Phobos ready for her maiden voyage.



Two Stage Rocket Movie Clip: One of the first launches of the morning.


CATO Movie: An early morning Level 3 Cert. attempt ends with the best CATO of the day!


Frame 1: of a nice launch sequence captured in continuous frame mode.



Frame 2: of a nice launch sequence captured in continuous frame mode.



Frame 3: of a nice launch sequence captured in continuous frame mode.



Phobos on the Stand for the Level 1 Certification launch. Launched 11:30AM on a H128W



I was watching the rocket more then the




On her way to 2000 feet! Launch was




Nice shot of a redline flame.




While working as a Pad Manager I got to observe the prep on a nice sleek 2 stage

rocket to make a high altitude attempt.

Movie Clip of launch of rocket shown on the

left. It went to 44K feet! Clip ~ 2,300KB


Movie clip: A nice launch.


Movie clip: Black Smoke!

Movie clip: Like the title says!


The last launch of the day.





The Phobos takes off to 3000 feet on a

H180W. Did not manage a better picture

then this. Oh well, next time.



The beautiful sky over the Black Rock desert.

Until next time... How high are do you figure those clouds are? :-)



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