One of my latest interests has been learning to fly a remote control helicopter. I was sufficiently warned by many friends that flying a helicopter was very difficult and would take months to learn. I was encouraged to start with a RC plane and then move to helicopters. But I was attracted to the helicopter because I could fly it right around the house. I would not have to make special trips to a field in order to practice. Despite the warnings I decided to go with a helicopter. So here is a record of my journey into this hobby.

The one I decided to purchase is a Micro-Electric called the Hummingbird made by Century Helicopter Products. I purchased it from a local hobby store called RC Country after seeing it flown by the staff. I did not buy it on the net because I wanted to be able bring it in to a knowledgeable person to be checked out and get advice. The helicopter comes almost ready to fly. In just a few hours I had it put together. Learning to fly it has taken months and I still consider myself a beginner!



Building the Hummingbird

Day One construction.





Trinity checks out the chopper.

The orange balls in the above picture are

training gear to assist beginners with

landing the helicopter, a must have in

my opinion.



Upgraded LiPo battery





Stock Tail Motor. Soon to be Upgraded



Upgraded Radio.



The Practice Zone



AirWolf: Dress Clothes



Traveling Case



Early work bench mount




Flight simulation software is very useful. While

not a perfect representation of actual flying

I learned the basics of hovering with this

software. It has saved me more then it's

cost in spare parts. I highly recommend it.

Real Flight 2.


Prep'd & on the 'Operating Table' after

she meet the neighbor's roof!

The stock 370 motors do not last long.

An upgrade to a brushless motor was

soon done. Details coming soon.



More to come...


To be organized movies...

Red Baron Fun Fly

Day One Tests


Flight of the Hummingbird

Swashplate Center Ball Modification

AirWolf Conversion Project


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