The Phobos Project:


Rocket Description:


The Phobos is a very high altitude high power rocket built from a kit. It measures a 2.1" ID, standing 57" tall and weighs approximately 32 oz. With its 12" payload section, it can loft a payload to thousands of feet on G and H motors. More info available at Public Missiles Ltd..



 Features include (more info):

Piston ejection system
Heavy duty nylon parachute
Pre-slotted Quantum Tube airframe
Plastic nose cone
38 or 29mm motor mount
12" Payload bay

Typical Motors: F to I
Typical Altitudes: 1000-8000 feet


Short Term Rocketry Goals

Learn basic of the rocketry hobby with friends & family.

Level 1 Certification.

Launch rocket to 1 mile.

Break Mach 1.

Video Rocketry.




Parts arrive and are inspected.


Close up of parts.


With some parts put in place temporarily, Megan (46") stands in as a reference to 57".


Parts are move to the garage in preparation for construction.


Centering rings epoxied to motor mount tube. (Drawing Details)


Piston Ejection Strap is epoxied to the motor mount tube. (Drawing Details)


Interior of lower airframe is sanded where epoxy is to be applied.


After epoxy is applied to interior of airframe,

the motor mount tube is epoxied in the airframe. (Drawing Details)


Motor mount tube assemble in final position.

Centering Ring left with removable (blue tape) for later steps.


One fin. (Drawing Details)


Two fin.


Three fin, Green fins!


Fin-Airframe joints are sand in preparation for epoxy


Creativity is required to sand in between motor mount and airframe


Tools use to apply epoxy in between motor mount and airframe (Goal)


Step 5 parts A-D (Drawing Details)

Building the Piston Ejection System


Step 5 parts E-G (Drawing Details)


Step 5 parts H (Drawing Details)


Step 6 parts A (Drawing Details)

Building the Phenolic Couple Tube


Steps 6-7  (Drawing Details)

Building Payload Section


Step 7  (Drawing Details)

Holes for rivets


Just a quick assembly check...


How does she look on the new launch pad?

Very Nice!! :-)





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